How to choose the ideal lipstick shade for yourself

Wearing the right lipstick can take you from bland to bold in an instant. Do you find yourself in front of a lipstick shelf all confused as to which colour will suit you the best? It's never easy to find that right shade even when it comes to foundation. Don't worry, follow these few guidelines to easily find the ideal lipstick that looks the best on your skin tone.

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If you have a pink, red or a blueish tone then you are probably a person with cool undertone then shades like red look the best on you. Also, people with cool undertones look best in silver jewellery. Avoid shades that are too light.

If you are gifted with an olive or a golden tone, then you for sure have a warmer undertone and you can ensure that by seeing the the colour of the veins which must be green in color. Women with olive tone look great in golden jewellery. Warm shades look the best on yo like soft oranges and bright fuchsias.

And if you have that neutral tone to your skin then your lips look great in almost all undertones. You are definitely lucky! From nudes to darks, you can slay them all.

So now when you have some knowledge as to which lipstick color will suit you the best then it's time to shop and find the right color. Although professional makeup artists always know what is the best color for your lips you can always head off to a good salon and not worry about what colour suits you the best. Privilege Beauty has one of the best Makeup Artist in Patna.