Tricks and tips to keep your makeup long lasting

If you are someone who wears makeup a lot, one issue always bothers you and that’s to get that long lasting makeup look. All the facial oils, dirt and pollution of the external environment make it difficult to stay longer. But worry not; we have some great tips to keep your make up long-lasting!

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Let’s get started on our tips!


Women often avoid this product but this one is very essential. Primer is a cream based formula that you apply before applying foundation and eye shadow. This helps in smoothing out the pores and because it is usually silicon based it protects your pores from as well.


Never forget the powder. Once you have applied your foundation and under eye concealer finish the look with powder. Remember to tap it and not swipe it as it can ruin the makeup.

Setting spray

Investing in a good setting spray can do wonders. It will not only keep your make-up long-lasting but will also give you that awesome glow. Keep it at a good distance from yourself and just spray it.

Blotting sheets

Another effective way to keep your makeup long lasting is by using a blotting paper or sheet. These can be easily found in your local drug store. Gently tap this on your face to remove the excess oils. If you can't find a blotting paper then a tissue works great as well.

Keep powdering

If you have an oily or combination skin then this trick will help you. Keep powdering with a small puff and use less product and be gentle.

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