Look Flawless With a Simple Makeup

There are several occasions where you feel the need to apply make-up to look gorgeous and occasions where a simple make-up would suffice the day. College going days, days a t work or a casual outing are all meant for a simple make-up. The best makeup artist in Bihar tells you on how to do a simple make-up and look flawless.

1. Moisturize

Before starting out with make-up it is important you wash your face o you a cleanser to clean your face. Then you need to apply a light moisturizer and a sunscreen of minimum 20 SPF. You can even use a primer as a base if you want the make-up to last longer. Moisturizing your skin will help to even your skin tone.

2. Applying foundation and powder

Start applying the foundation that suits your skin. Makeup artist in Patna suggest you use a dabbing sponge or brush to evenly spread the foundation. Blend it outwards, in a circular motion so that it is even everywhere. If not a foundation, you can use a good BB cream also. You can then use a compact to give a matte look and to avoid the oily look.

3. Eyes

Bridal makeup artist in Patna usually start off witheye make up by applying a concealer or primer as base. Then proceed with a nude colored eyeshadow. Apply kajal inside your eyes, below and above. Then intensify the look with a good eyeliner. Lastly, apply a coat of mascara for the lashes to complete the look.  You can fill your brows also with a light eye pencil.

4. Lips

Apply a bit of lip balm before applying the desired color of your like. Select a color that compliments your skin and make-up. Privilege beauty suggests you to select dark shades to catch attention or keep it with simple with nude colors.